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Noosa’s Most advanced and State-of-the-art storage security

Peace of mind and access 7 days a week

The safety of you and the security of your valuable goods is paramount so our Noosa Self Storage facility features the most advanced and state-of-the-art security and access systems some of which are not found within any other storage facility in Australia. Including

OnGuard Access and Control Systems

We have installed sophisticated computer controlled access systems. This system only allows OnGuard customers entry to the property and maintains a recorded log of who comes and goes 7 days per week. Each customer is given a unique OnGuard P.I.N. which identifies and authorizes you entry through the automated gate system, turning lighting on and integrating with our individually alarmed storage spaces.

OnGuard Individually Alarmed Storage Spaces

The Access Control System is also integrated into a sophisticated alarm system connected to every single storage unit. This system provides the highest level of security with in the self storage industry, giving each individual customer the peace and mind that your goods are being guarded by state-of-the-art security. Effectively, each space has an alarm which is armed for protection when the customer is not on site, the customer simply enters their individual P.I.N code to arm or disarm the storage space.

OnGuard Camera Surveillance

  • No less than 35 High definition cameras monitor all areas and provide a back to base and recorded surveillance, including the feature of recording sound or conversations.
  • A zone specific pa system is available to the Manager for customer assistance or warnings if required
  • Integrated music to all areas provides an enjoyable environment.
  • Direct Dial Intercom panels are located throughout the facility this allows customers to contact the Manager for assistance- even outside of office ours.
  • The Facility Manager is always on duty, with full smart phone mobile integration for camera surveillance  , remote PA system communications ability and full control of all alarms, gate operation and security features  24 hours a day 365 days per year.

OnGuard “PDA” (Personal Duress Alarm)

Its not just the security of your goods, we have your personal safety at our highest priority, The Facility includes a new level of personal safety feature that has not previously been offered within the self-storage industry! Introducing.

The “OnGuard PDA”, (personal duress alarm lanyard). We offer this personal safety feature to provide our female and or older aged customers with a level of personal safety and security not otherwise considered for within the self-storage industry.

Intending to take away any anxiety when visiting the facility late at night or on week end when the office is closed, it is with this consideration to the ever increasing risks to our personal safety, security and wellbeing and in particular the safety of women in secluded locations or older aged customers who could require medical assistance. The (PDA), worn by the customer around their neck and can be activated anywhere within the facility grounds. Should the PDA be activated our security monitoring company will be alerted and the customer located and assistance provided.

OnGuard Patrols

We undertake lock checks daily. This is a simple and effective practice to deter problems and monitor the condition of the space. We monitor the operation of our security systems daily and ensure that the system is operational at all times. Any problems revealed are then rectified quickly. If an alarm is triggered, we are alerted and can take action to ensure the property is being protected and action taken to protect your belongings.


Your padlock is a very important addition to our security system - you keep control of the keys. The padlocks are available at shop and you can read more about them on our moving and packaging page

24/7 Access

With the installation of our access and security systems, this has allowed us to provide our customers with up to 24/7 access to most areas within our complex. This means that you do not have to manipulate your time to our hours when you need access, simply talk with us about your access needs and if agreed we will adjust the access times to suit. Our normal access hours are 6.00am to 8.00pm 7 days per week.